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Our success comes from our belief in the power and impact of collaboration. LKB Partners are companies and nonprofit organizations that share our values and beliefs. Through collaboration, we work with our partners to push towards our vision to build a global network of entrepreneurs. We work with each partner to create a project, product or service to support entrepreneurship in a community.

List of partners

omó pastor  is the owner of Hevunlee Vizuns. omó pastor is a writer, photographer and filmmaker who uses these artistic mediums to heal, to empower and to express the reality of African people across the globe. her main theme and concern is to bring back the true sense of pride of being African despite your geography. She uses art as a way to tell the world, especially African people, to be just that, African, fearlessly and pridefully. omo pastor is a young woman who has a call to heal the people of the African diaspora through art.

Hevunlee Vizuns

100state’s mission is to create a community and home for problem­ solvers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We are a cоwоrking community that provides a shared working space thаt iѕ equipped with desks, сhаirѕ, printing ѕtаtiоns, private offices, meeting rooms, and internet. Members of the community work independently, together. They belong to a community of like-minded people. A safe place to succeed and grow ideas.


UMOS, a nonprofit advocacy organization, provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, health and housing opportunities of under-served populations.


The Showing Hearts Foundation is a nonprofit coworking community for individuals & organizations making a difference by educating, empowering and uplifting communities. We help problem solvers identify or maximize their impacting potential and support them in making changes to bring this potential into the world.

Showing Hearts Foundation

Centro Hispano of Dane County’s mission is Empowering Youth, Strengthening Families, Engaging the Community. We aspire to a vision where Dane County, Wisconsin will be a community where Latino  families can aspire upward, to reach their personal goals and dreams because they feel engaged and strengthened with the tools for success.

Centro Hispano

The BRIC is a space to bring together and elevate the community through entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. The BRIC’s mission is to create a community of business professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives that collaborate to push forward economic development in our community.

The BRIC Building

Elite Clientele is a one-stop media solution. Our expertise and versatile offerings assist clients in creating their own unified vision.

Elite Clientele

Bridge and Build’s mission is to produce an economically productive and civil society by 2030 by using sports as a hook to motivate, educate and connect youth. This program aims to prepare youth for work and civic life in 2030 and support mentors in mission-driven firms. Sports will be infused in a curriculum focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership and communications. Sports videos and case studies will offer curriculum-relevant messages.

Bridge and Build

Mova Solutions provides virtual assistance to executives. A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely.

Mova Solutions

Manhattan Pride is a semi-professional basketball team representing Manhattan, New York. We are excited to apart of the American Professional Basketball League (APBL). The best professional basketball league in the east coast. The Pride is composed of New York’s finest professional players eager to display their professionalism, desire, and skills as we want to represent New York City to best of our abilities. Our players range from impressive collegiate careers in Division I, II, and III programs to players who have had productive domestic and international playing experience in other known professional leagues.

Manhattan Pride Basketball

YWeb’s leaders share a commitment to educating and inspiring students, to helping them discover their talents and explore their futures. Our team comes from a broad variety of backgrounds, and their diverse experiences have led them to becoming the passionate, focused, deeply involved professionals they are today.

YWCA / Yweb

KB The Trainer makes the best of his “24” without a doubt. He’s a full blown entrepreneur who’s not slowing down anytime soon. Growing up with limited resources made him want to pursue everything in reach. He runs his own personal training business. Kaleb is also a real estate agent, model, actor and the founder of a NYC community organization, Feed The City.

EverybodyFitB LLC / Team KB

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