The LKB Series Ep. 3: Vanessa Noel (Video)

Episode 3 of the LKB Series features actress, model, and dancer Vanessa Noel.

Nessa Noel, also knows as Vanessa Noel, is a professional actress based in New York City. Born of Haitian and Dominican ancestry. Nessa has demonstrated a strong passion for acting in both film and television. She started out in theater during her high school years.

She has been the lead actress in films like “Birth Of Deceit” (Agyapong Films), “3 Richards” (Dir. Karreem Starr), “Friends & Money” (Louda Films). She also was the lead actress in Blue Flame, a winner at Ocktober Film Festival.

Thank you Vanessa Noel for sharing your journey.

Follow her on Instagram @iam_vanessanoel

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