TBM Presents: The Art Of The DJ; Vol. 1

LKB was excited to be part of this project. We support Shantaye and her work in providing media coverage for artist in Queens, NY and around the country.

Shantaye Bailey, CEO of TayeBailey Media believes that everyone has a story. Everyone has a skill and everyone has something they want to share. DJ-Gmoney celebrated his 20 years of DJing this year and we are happy to have been able to be apart of the last two years leading up to this anniversary. This mini – documentary truly shows the hard work, passion and dedication it takes to make a career for yourself and to continuous show your talent. We hope you enjoy this documentary we put together for you on Queens very own, DJ-Gmoney.

See the mini – documentary

Directed & Produced By: @shantaye_bailey Filmed By: @shantaye_bailey, @kingpib / @pibebt , @jus_livee Edited By: @visualsiam

Photos from the screening of the film

photos from @shantaye_bailey


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