The Launch of the BRIC Building in Milwaukee

BRIC Building in Milwaukee

We are still building our Coworking Initiative. We want to see a coworking space in your neighborhood. With our partners we have launched the BRIC Building. This space is located in Milwaukee. Thanks to everyone that attended our launch event. LKB will be managing this new beautiful space.

About the BRIC

BRIC’s mission is to create a community of business professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives that collaborate to push forward economic development in our community. Through our innovative space and entrepreneurial resources and services, BRIC is building lifelong relationships and a supportive environment for entrepreneurial minded individuals.

The BRIC team is comprised of energetic and experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs, who understand the value and importance of this co-working space in the heart of the central city of Milwaukee. Their backgrounds and expertise create a solid foundation for this innovative space and give BRIC the opportunity to develop and flourish.
Taking the lead on building a diverse business co-working environment is BRIC’s mission. This happens in an area of Milwaukee that is emerging but with some social and economic challenges. BRIC’s space will build economic development and sustainability in Milwaukee’s African-American community. We are reinvesting into our community.
Find out more www.bricbuilding.com

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