Building Coworking Space


It has been a challenging and awesome experience being a part of building a coworking community. Coworking is a very unique way to work. It creates non-hierarchical experience that inspires collaboration.  It involves a shared working environment, a space that has a culture. Outside of an individuals work, people come together for events and special projects because they are inspired by the people that started the community. Above is a photo of members of 100state gathering together to work on a community project.

We can go into some of the basic amenities that people look for in a coworking space; internet connection, coffee, work stations etc. However what separates a coworking space from a library, coffee shop, working from home or a typical work place is the existence of community and the culture of the community. How do you build a community? How do you build a culture? Each week will provide information on how LKB has been apart of building community and culture in coworking spaces.

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